Right now, there are two aSMRs being developed in New Brunswick: ARC Clean Technology's ARC-100 and Moltex Energy's Stable Salt Reactor-Wasteburner (SSR-W). Click here to see what Moltex Energy envisions an aSMR site could look like. Both these aSMRs use spent fuel (recycled nuclear waste) to fuel the reactors, and the ARC-100 only needs to refuel every 20 years, as opposed to refueling once every 12 to 18 months like CANDU-6 reactors.

ARC Clean Technology and Moltex Energy are working in partnership with First Nations communities and the provincial utility NB Power. The new reactors will be located at Point Lepreau, meaning nuclear waste will not need to be transported outside the facility. Advanced SMRs produce clean, consistent and dependable energy that will contribute to clean hydrogen production.