Welcome to the future.

The energy sector needs you, a soon-to-be graduate who is ready to make a difference. The first step on that journey is learning what the possibilities are! Why not explore what your future might hold through the Fuel 4 the Future clean fuel learning pathways? Investigate the basics of the clean fuels that will power our future, like renewable natural gas, biofuels, and clean hydrogen. You will also learn about companies involved in this dynamic space throughout Atlantic Canada so you can set your sights on your future career path.

Learn. Earn. Grow.

We offered post-secondary students and Indigenous youth in Atlantic Canada the chance to win 1 of 3 Fuel 4 the Future bursaries. Taking our Clean Fuels Awareness survey entered you in the draw for a $500 bursary. Completing at least one of our clean fuel learning pathways entered you in the draw for a $1000 bursary.

All Fuel 4 the Future bursaries were awarded in April 2024!

Join us!

From September 2023 to March 2024, we participated in events in all 4 Atlantic provinces. We currently have no further events planned. If you’re looking for webinar recordings, you can find them on the resources page!

Get in touch.

Please reach out with any questions about how we can work together to empower Atlantic Canada’s clean fuels workforce.